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Ngtwo Snippets

Install with:
    apm install ngtwo-snippets

ng2-snippets package

Adds snippets for Angular 2 for TypeScript and HTML. Snippets taken from John Papa’s VS Code Angular2 snippets.


Type part of a snippet, press enter or tab, and the snippet unfolds.

TypeScript Snippets

typescript ng2-component-root // Angular 2 root App component ng2-bootstrap // Angular 2 bootstraping, for main.ts ng2-component // Angular 2 component ng2-pipe // Angular 2 pipe ng2-route-config // Angular 2 @RouteConfig ng2-route-path // Angular 2 routing path ng2-service // Angular 2 service ng2-subscribe // Angular 2 observable subscription

HTML Snippets

html ng2-ngClass ng2-ngFor ng2-ngIf ng2-ngModel ng2-routerLink ng2-ngStyle ng2-ngSwitch


apm install ng2-snippets

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