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Nerd Treeview

Install with:
    apm install nerd-treeview

Nerd TreeView

Unfortunately, I switched back to NeoVim and I am not planning any improvements in the future

The Nerd TreeView package will transform the native atom Tree View to somewhat similar to the famous NERD Tree Vim plugin - hence the name

Some of the NERD Tree’s functionality is present in the native Tree View by default, but it doesn’t expose any interface so apart from CSS developers can’t really change much. This package will try to replicate Vim’s original NERD Tree functionality

Current functionality

Planned/Not Available functionality

Installation Notes


#### Use ZZ to save-and-close current tab/split See vim-mode-zz

Default key bindings and events


Key Event Description
C-\, D-\ (mac), C-k C-b, D-k D-b (mac) nerd-treeview:toggle toggle the tree (default)
A-\, C-0 (mac) nerd-treeview:toggle-focus activate the tree (default)
C-|, D-| (mac) nerd-treeview:reveal-active-file jump selection to the active file
ZZ, q nerd-treeview:toggle hides tree View

Open Files

Key | Event | Description — | —– | ———– o, | nerd-treeview:open | open file or toggle folder go | nerd-treeview:open-stay | same as "o" but tree stays active t | nerd-treeview:open-tab | open selected file in a new tab gt | nerd-treeview:open-tab-stay | same as "t" but tree stays active T | nerd-treeview:add | same as "t" but current tab will stay active gT | nerd-treeview:add-tab-stay | same as "T" but tree stays active i | nerd-treeview:open-split-vertical | split open file vertically downwards gi | nerd-treeview:open-split-vertical-stay | same as "i" but tree stays active s | nerd-treeview:open-split-horizontal | split open file horizontally to the right gs | nerd-treeview:open-split-horizontal-stay | same as "s" but tree stays active

Interact with Folders

Key Event Description
O nerd-treeview:expand recursively expand directory
x nerd-treeview:close-parent close parent directory
X nerd-treeview:close-children close children directories recursively
e nerd-treeview:open-tree add selected folder as a new project root
E nerd-treeview:open-tree-stay same as “e” but cursor stays where it is
Key Event Description Can be prefixed
j, +, down nerd-treeview:jump-down move cursor down YES
k, -, up nerd-treeview:jump-up move cursor up YES
K nerd-treeview:jump-first jump cursor to the first element in this folder NO
J nerd-treeview:jump-last jump cursor to the last element in this folder NO
C-J nerd-treeview:jump-next jump to the next sibling YES
C-K nerd-treeview:jump-prev jump to the previous sibling YES
gg core:move-to-top move to the top NO
G nerd-treeview:jump-line move to the bottom YES
P nerd-treeview:jump-root jump cursor to the current root folder NO
p nerd-treeview:jump-parent jump cursor to the parent folder YES
H nerd-treeview:move-to-top-of-screen Select top line NO
L nerd-treeview:move-to-bottom-of-screen Select bottom line NO
M nerd-treeview:move-to-middle-of-screen Select middle line NO

Tree modification

Key Event Description
c nerd-treeview:change-root set selected directory as root
C nerd-treeview:change-root set selected directory as root saving folder expansion state
u nerd-treeview:change-root set root’s parent directory as root
U nerd-treeview:change-root set root’s parent directory as root saving folder expansion state
I nerd-treeview:toggle-ignored-names toggle visibility of hidden files
h nerd-treeview:toggle-vcs-ignored-files toggle visibility of hidden VCS files
F nerd-treeview:toggle-files toggle visibility of files

Filesystem interaction

Key Event Description
Y nerd-treeview:copy-full-path copy full path of the selected file
yn nerd-treeview:copy-name copy file name without extension
yN nerd-treeview:copy-name-ext copy file name with extension
a nerd-treeview:add-file create new file
A nerd-treeview:add-folder create new folder
D nerd-treeview:remvoe delete file or folder, or remove project root from workspace
mm nerd-treeview:move rename/move
mp nerd-treeview:paste paste
yp nerd-treeview:duplicate duplicate
yy nerd-treeview:copy copy
dd nerd-treeview:cut cut


Key Event Description
C-u nerd-treeview:scroll-half-screen-up Scroll half screen up
C-b nerd-treeview:scroll-full-screen-up Scroll full screen up
C-d nerd-treeview:scroll-half-screen-down Scroll half screen down
C-f nerd-treeview:scroll-full-screen-down Scroll full screen down
C-e nerd-treeview:scroll-down Scroll Down
C-y nerd-treeview:scroll-up Scroll Up


Key | Event | Description — | —– | ———– z, zt | nerd-treeview:scroll-cursor-to-top | scroll current line to the top z., zz | nerd-treeview:scroll-cursor-to-middle | scroll current line to the middle z-, zb | nerd-treeview:scroll-cursor-to-bottom | scroll current line to the bottom

Key Event Description
/ nerd-treeview:search search
? nerd-treeview:reverse-search reverse search
n nerd-treeview:repeat-search go to the next match (can be prefixed)
N nerd-treeview:repeat-search-backwards go to the previous match (can be prefixed)
: nerd-treeview:search-clear-highlight clear match highlight
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