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Neon Color Scheme

Install with:
    apm install neon-color-scheme

neon-color-scheme-atom-syntax theme

or, just “Neon” is fine

This is a port of the popular Neon Color Scheme for Sublime Text to the Atom editor. I’ve removed all the grossly Sublime-specific stuff like SublimeLinter and AAAPackageDev scopes, just because they aren’t necessary, but I haven’t done too much fiddling at this point, other than to tweak how selections look. I’m fairly new to Atom, so bear with me as I learn how to do things better. This is also my first real foray into LESS, so I’m learning all sorts of things as I go here.

Peeves/Bugs (so far)


If you haven’t figured out so far, I’m learning as I go here, as Sublime is (and will probably remain) my primary editor. If you catch any bugs or have suggestions for improvements or anything, please open an issue. Have awesome changes you’d like to contribute? A pull request is the way to go. Want to shower me in praise and/or money? You can support me (and any of your favorite open-source Github developers) at Gratipay. Feel free to email me at, or tweet at me @MattDMo. Find my blog on Sublime Text and other stuff at

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© 2015 Matt Morrison

This is free software. It is licensed under the MIT License. Feel free to use this in your own work. However, if you modify and/or redistribute it, please attribute me in some way, and it would be great if you distribute your work under this or a similar license, but it’s not required. A shout-out or a beer would be appreciated.

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