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Modx Revolution

Install with:
    apm install modx-revolution

MODX Revolution support in Atom

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apm install modx-revolution



Snippets for Template Tags in .html & .tpl, modX and xPDO Class methods in .php.

MODX Class Snippets

Each modX and xPDO class has a description and link to a full documentation.

Descriptions and documentation links

Autocomplete & Syntax Highlighting

To enable syntax highlighting, switch to HTML (MODX) syntax.

Autocomplete & Syntax highlighting

Theme and Transport Package scaffolding

Open Command Palette and search for MODX Revolution. There is two options available:

Transport Package template (modExtra) originally developed by Shaun McCormick. Please, read the modExtra documentation before using it. There is also a relevant page at MODX RTFM.

MODX Installation

The purpose of this is to provide fast and easy method for installing MODX locally without leaving the editor.

Requirements - git* - php* - Some server environment (MySQL, Apache2, etc)

* Both should be available in your PATH.
date.timezone must be set in php.ini.

How To

  1. Open Command Palette and run Install MODX
  2. Enter path where MODX should be installed
  3. Edit config.yml, save it
  4. For CLI installation, just click Install and wait for the success message. Then, open localhost/path/to/modx/manager in your browser.
    If you want to use a web-based installation, click Run Build and install MODX via localhost/path/to/modx/setup.

How it works - Pulls MODX from the official repository - Duplicates sample config files - Duplicates setup config - Opens setup config for edit - Installs MODX

MODX Git Installation docs
MODX CLI Installation docs

NOTE: This one is still in beta. If you found any bugs, please, submit an issue.

Snippet Triggers

Snippet Trigger Scope
$modx-> $ .text.html.php
$xpdo-> $p .text.html.php
MODX_API_MODE mapi .text.html.php
&property=`value` & .text.html.basic
:filter=`value` : .text.html.basic
@propertyset @ .text.html.basic
[[*tag]] mt .text.html.basic


define('MODX_API_MODE', true);
$modx = new modX();


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