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Modal File Manager

Install with:
    apm install modal-file-manager


Use the core-package fuzzy-finder instead.

modal-file-manager package

A file browser in modal Panel.

A screenshot of modal file manager v0.1.0

Install & Open

  1. Install
    • Atom: Preferences -> install -> search “modal file manager” -> install
    • Terminal: apm install modal-file-manager
  2. Open
    • Shortcut: Mac [CMD+SHIFT+M] or Win/Linux [ALT-SHIFT-M]
    • Menu Bar: Packages -> Modal File Manager -> Show
    • Command: [CMD/CTRL-SHIFT-P] -> type ‘modal file manager toggle’ -> comfirm


Use the Modal File Manager as lib

You could use this File Manager as lib for Packages like coffeescript atom.pickDirectory (path) -> console.log path

Use Steps

  1. add following to your package.json in dependencies: coffeescript "modal-file-manager": "git+"
  2. in your Project root: npm update
  3. Use the ModalFileManagerView: ```coffeescript {ModalFileManagerView} = require ‘modal-file-manager’ modalFileManagerView = new ModalFileManagerView deep: 0 #see Settings filterDir : false filterFile : true showHidden : false

change options:

modalFileManagerView.setOptions deep: 1 “/”, (file) -> console.log “selected file-/folder name: #{file.getBaseName()}” ```

Comfirmation Filter example

coffeescript @modalFileManagerView.setOptions filterDir = false filterFile = true

Regular Expression

for example: coffeescript @modalFileManagerView.setOptions filterDir = /.app$/ Restrict the comfirmation to comfirm only Folder with (usefull for mac os apps) (same with .file)


Please let me know, if you use this Project as lib.

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