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Minimal Syntax by David van Gemeren

Install with:
    apm install minimal-syntax


I’ve attempted to consistently limit myself to three primary colors to style similar semantic elements across languages, while remaining easy on the eyes.

Different shades and subtle color variants are used to create a visual hierarchy that’s quick to read, and easy to understand.

This theme is still a work in progress though actively maintained. Suggestions are always welcome and highly appreciated.

Also available: minimal-syntax-dark

From personal experience

I’ve created this theme for myself and from personal experience. It is/will be optimised for the languages I regularly use: html, php, coffeescript, javascript, scss, css, less, mysql, apache and markdown.




Keywords: syntax, theme, minimal, light, colorful, bright, high contrast, web, webdev, web development, html, php, coffeescript, javascript, css, scss, sass, mysql, markdown Suggest keywords
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