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Material Palenight Syntax

Install with:
    apm install material-palenight-syntax

Atom Material Palenight Syntax

:new_moon: An elegant and minimal material syntax theme for Atom.

JavaScript Preview

Shown with Atom Material UI. The fonts used in the screenshot are Fira Code and Operator Mono.


If you’re a terminal guru:ok_hand:, launch a window and type: shell apm install material-palenight-syntax

Or, inside Atom’s settings select Install and then search for this syntax theme.

Some UI themes that work best with this syntax theme.

:v: For a better experience if you’re using Atom Material UI, add the following lines to your Atom Config (config.cson) file:

coffee "atom-material-ui": colors: abaseColor: "#7e57c2" accentColor: "#ffffff" paintCursor: true predefinedColor: "Purple" tabs: {} treeView: blendTabs: true compactList: true ui: panelContrast: true

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Wanna Contribute?

Feel free to report here any suggestions or irregular syntax highlighting of this theme with an attached screenshot.

Designed with :heart: by Olaolu. Follow him on GitHub

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