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Markdown Image Assistant

Install with:
    apm install markdown-image-assistant


Add sane drag and drop and copy/paste support for images to markdown files. This is especially useful for notetaking in Atom.

Atom Settings

These settings can be accessed under Settings -> Packages -> Markdown Image Assistant.

Default Settings

Whenever an image is dragged and dropped or copy and pasted on an open markdown file, this package automatically copies it to an assets/ folder in the current directory, renames the image, and inserts a relative link to the image.

Active file types

File type that image assistant should activate for

Image directory

Default image directory

Preserve original file names

When dragging and dropping files, whether to preserve original file names when copying over into the image directory

Use the Markdown filename

Creates an asset folder in the form of <fileroot>.assets/. Where <fileroot> is the root of the file without the supported Markdown extensions (.markdown, .md, .mdown, .mkd, .mkdow).

Insert image as Markup, instead of Markdown

Insert an image as HTML Markup, <img src=''>, instead of Markdown, ![](). Useful if you want to adjust image width or height


This plugin can be installed via Atom’s GUI or via the command line:

apm install markdown-image-assistant



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