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Markdown Document

Install with:
    apm install markdown-document

Markdown-Document Package

I hope to implement a Scriviner-like compiler in the next version. Say you want to break out the first three chapters of your document and send them to an editor or reviewer without sending them what you’re currently working on, remove all Note headings, etc… Please contribute your thoughts about this to #7.

Adds tools to make working with long form markdown documents in Atom easier.

Markdown Document Outline View


Customizable Markdown Source List

Outline View (ctrl-alt-o)

Note: Although markdown does not require sequential headers, the outline generator needs at least one first level header. After that, non-sequential headers will be moved up to the next closest level.


Continue writing content here. See if it still fires.

At present, autosave is only available for markdown files when the outline view is visible. It is not available for non-markdown files. Autosave may become its own package in the future or become available outside the outline view. Please weigh in on Issue 1.

You can find and trigger features in:


When autosave is enabled, the whitespace package automatically deletes the return after headers while you’re typing. Markdown-document uses remarkable and a minor fork of markdown-toc. Remarkable is designed for the commonmark syntax, not gfm. It seems to work fine with gfm, but it hasn’t been extensively tested.

The whitespace package does not play well with language-markdown. See Issue 115 for further information and a possible workaround. I personally dislike the whitespace package and prefer everything remain exactly as I typed it so it’s disabled on my machine. Please let me know should this be an issue.


Go to Settings (ctrl-,) -> Packages -> Markdown Document -> Settings.

Check Enable Autosave to enable the autosaver.

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