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Markdown Assistant By Edc by knightli

Install with:
    apm install markdown-assistant-by-edc

Markdown Assistant

An assistant for markdown writers.

Features: - Upload images from the clipboard automatically. - Drag and drop images to editor.

Upload images from the clipboard

upload image

Prepare an uploader

You need prepare an uploader to upload image.


  1. Find an uploader plugin and install it! > you can find some of them here
    > or search in atom with keywords uploader + assistant

  2. set uploader package name as uploader in settings.
    settings outter

  3. config your uploader package in settings for upload ( example )


  1. Take a screenshot or copy any image to the clipboard.
  2. Paste it into Atom by cmd + v.
  3. It’s uploading now. Wait for secs.
  4. See preview for the uploaded image and maybe add a title for it.
  5. Press enter to insert the image.
Keywords: markdown, image, upload, qiniu, assistant, helper Suggest keywords
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