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Lunar Particle

Install with:
    apm install lunar-particle-ui

Lunar Particle UI Theme

Dark theme emphasizing theme Universe ! Let’s code with stars, matey! A UI spacial theme for galaxy hitchhikers.


I’ve created a new icon set by modifying/creating languages and frameworks icons. Some of the visual goals of creating a new dark theme were to put icons after the modified/created repository files and folders, put different icons to expanded/collapsed folders, differentiating common folder from repo folders - it was achieved. The theme also let you feel like coding in space, with a general transparency with Earth’s vision perspective background, line number (gutter), tree-view and not exactly the editor, but the entire IDE background is a space vision of Earth. Try it! Some changes are comming, but it is already awesome!

For a better experience use it with Lunar Particle Syntax


By terminal:



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