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Lucid Tabs

Install with:
    apm install lucid-tabs

Lucid Tabs: An Atom Package

Adds color to the text of atom tabs, based off their name.

Right now, Lucid will attempt to match colors to tab titles with a wildcard expression. If a certain string is found anywhere in a tab title, a specific color will be applied. The intention is to make tabs a bit easier to organize based off your different types of scripts.

Basically, you get to differentiate among different tabs based off your own rules. Color them based off extension, or purpose. For example:

.js will match JavaScript files Service will match your Services, like ChatService, UserService, etc.

More to come! I’d like to set up an actual configuration feature. Right now you need to edit the file ~/.atom/packages/lucid-tabs/styles/lucid-tabs.less to change color and string matching rules.

Forked from graemeboy/rainbow-tabs (thanks!)

A screenshot of rainbow extensions

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