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Linter Stylelint by 1000ch

Install with:
    apm install linter-stylelint

linter-stylelint Dependency Status

A plugin for Atom Linter providing an interface to stylelint.



ShellSession apm install linter-stylelint

linter-stylelint runs stylelint against your CSS, SCSS, Less, PostCSS, and SugarSS files.


You can pass a configuration to stylelint in any of the following ways:

.stylelintrc is always prioritized. If you have checked Use standard in the settings and also have a .stylelintrc file, your .stylelintrc configuration will extend the preset, using stylelint’s extend functionality.


As of stylelint v7.0.0 the ability to lint embedded style code has been removed from core, replaced with the ability for generic processors to handle any file format. Currently one has yet to be written for pulling style code out of HTML, if you are interested in bringing this functionality back to linter-stylelint, check out their documentation on how to write a processor to handle HTML, and any other files that contain style code!



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