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Linter Redpen

Install with:
    apm install linter-redpen

linter-redpen - Atom package

A plugin for Atom Linter providing an interface to RedPen.

screencast of package


$ apm install linter-redpen


Install RedPen CLI

This package requires RedPen CLI version 1.5 or greater. Install with Homebrew $ brew install redpen

Or you can install RedPen CLI manually from here

Set Up Paths If needs

This package needs set up some paths from Settings

If you prefer to use RedPen server than CLI. You can set your RedPen Server endpoint on Path for RedPen CLI fieald.


  1. open a text file as bellow
    • Markdown
    • Textile
    • Plain
    • AsciiDoc
    • LaTeX
    • Re:VIEW
  2. You can see report pane at bottom.

Searching Configuration XML

linter-redpen searches configuration XML. searching order is

  1. Path for Configuration XML File on settings
  2. in the same directory as the target text file
  3. in the project root directory
  4. directly under REDPEN_HOME
  5. directly under REDPEN_HOME/conf/

Configuration XML File name shold be

You can set your {LOCALE} on settings.

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