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Linter Raml Myrules

Install with:
    apm install linter-raml-myrules


New Linter for Atom editor (and console) that validates your RAML files and is expandable with your own personal rules!

The atom package is

This package allow to create custom functional rules that raml standard coverage rules doesn’t cover. It comes with a template, and a data envelope example (this means that every correct answer should have an envelope with data key).

It uses raml-js-parser-2 by default to parse the raml, and uses its API to navigate through all the raml:

Check more examples in:

If api-workbench is installed in ATOM too, it checks npm require cache to use same parser as workbench, if its not installed, it uses raml-js-parser-2 that is defined in package.json (This is done because raml-js-parser-2 is not prepared to be required twice). In order to customize the linter with new rules, it is required to create new callbacks.

Callback files are created in my-rules folder. It receives the API parser from the parser, and return an array of errors that callback generates. The error structure needed is:

{ column: column where error starts, end: position where error ends, line: line where error is, message: error message, path: 'api.raml', range: This is the array structure: [{column:starts.column,line:starts.line,position:starts.position},{column:ends.column,line:ends.line,position:ends.position}], start: position where error starts, };

Also it has an auxiliary helper to resolve errors in RAML into ATOM using the parser, it is in my-rules/index.js.

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