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Linter Puppet Lint

Install with:
    apm install linter-puppet-lint


This package provides linter support to your puppet files through atom-linter using puppet-lint.



The puppet-lint gem must be installed. If you don’t have puppet-lint installed, please follow the instructions here.

Basically, you should execute gem install puppet-lint.


Since the 0.5.0 version this package is no longer compatible with old versions of puppet-lint because we are using now a custom log format with %{line} and %{column} placeholders. If you have an old version of puppet-lint installed, then please follow the instructions for the puppet-lint gem installation to ensure that you have the latest version of puppet-lint.

Plugin installation


You can configure linter-puppet-lint by going to the settings menu in Atom or by editing ~/.atom/config.cson (choose Open Your Config in Atom menu):

coffeescript 'linter-puppet-lint': 'executablePath': '/usr/bin/puppet-lint' # puppet-lint path.

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