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Linter Opencl

Install with:
    apm install linter-opencl Shield

linter-opencl package

Linter plugin for Linter, provides an interface to the build functionality of OpenCL through node-opencl.

linter-opencl gif

Important info for user of hybrid graphics!

On systems with hybrid graphics, OpenCL will compile and lint for the integrated graphics card by default. While Windows users just need to set the platform index of the desired platform, Linux users who wants to use the dedicated graphics card need to run atom through a GPU offloader like optirun, e.g.

  $ optirun atom

and setting the platform index accordingly.


  1. Install an OpenCL implementation for your device.
  2. Install linter-opencl either through the settings window by searching and installing this package or through your command line by running apm install linter-opencl
  3. (Configure the OpenCL Platfrom, include paths and additional compiler flags preferences.)
  4. Restart Atom

Project-Specific settings

When activating this package, it searches for a file called .opencl-config.json in the project root directory using the following syntax:

  "compilerFlags": "-cl-mad-enable -cl-fast-relaxed-math",
  "includePaths": [".", "/opt/include"]

If this file is present, it will replace the settings you specified in the settings window. Relative paths (starting with . or ..) are expanded with respect to the root folder.

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