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Linter Mypy

Install with:
    apm install linter-mypy


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An Atom Linter plugin which displays warnings related to Python optional static type as defined in PEP 484.

Screen shot demo


  1. Install python package mypy, run:

    ShellSession python3 -m pip install mypy

  2. (Optional) Install python package typed-ast (required for the setting “Fast Parser”), run:

    ShellSession python3 -m pip install typed-ast

  3. Install Linter.

    ShellSession apm install linter

  4. Install package, run:

    ShellSession apm install linter-mypy


Setting Values
Path to the executable of python Default: python3
Ignore File name Regex Default:
Mypy ini File Default:
Fast Parser Default: True
Disallow Untyped Calls Default: True
Disallow Untyped Defs Default: True
Check Untyped Defs Default: True
Disallow Subclassing Any Default: True
Warn Incomplete Stub Default: True
Warn Redundant Casts Default: True
Warn No Return Default: True
Warn Return Any Default: True
Warn Unused Ignores Default: True
Warn Missing Imports Default: True
Strict Boolean Default: True
Strict Optional Default: True
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