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Linter Markdown

Install with:
    apm install linter-markdown


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Lint markdown files using remark-lint and the linter package for atom.

If there is no configuration found for remark-lint, this linter runs remark-preset-lint-consistent and remark-preset-lint-recommended (both can be turned off).

If there is configuration for remark-lint, through .remarkrc files or remarkConfig in package.jsons, this linter works just like remark-cli but only uses the remark-lint plugin. Make sure remark-lint is installed in this case (locally).

Read more about configuring remark-lint on its README.

A similar linter, linter-remark, runs all remark plugins, but only when they are configured to run.

We also maintain a changelog containing recent changes.

Screenshot of linter-markdown in action

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