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Linter Luacheck

Install with:
    apm install linter-luacheck


Mac Windows Linux
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This package will lint your opened Lua files in Atom, using luacheck.



Atom -> Preferences… -> Packages -> linter-luacheck -> Settings:

To config luacheck, you may:

Use config file named .luacheckrc (in project root and/or Lua source dirs).

Example .luacheckrc at project root:

lua files['*.rockspec'].global = false files['.luacheckrc'].global = false files['spec/*_spec.lua'].std = 'min+busted'

Or use luacheck inline options.

Example project/luafile.lua:

lua local lib = {} function lib.add(self, a, b) -- luacheck: ignore self return a+b end


Bugs, ideas and pull requests please go to AtomLinter/linter-luacheck.

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