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Linter Kotlin

Install with:
    apm install linter-kotlin


This linter package lints .kt files using kotlinc
This package requires the language-kotlin package to be present

Package installation

This package can be installed from the package settings page by searching for and installing the linter-kotlin package.
It can also be installed using apm from the command line:

shell $ apm install linter-kotlin


The package can be configured from the settings page or by editing config.cson directly.
Available configuration options are: - executablePath - The path to the kotlin compiler executable
default: ‘kotlinc’
- classpath - extra classpath to be compile with
default: ‘’ - compilerOutputDir - The directory to put generated class files
default: ‘bin’

An example configuration (in config.cson): cson "linter-kotlin": executablePath: "/usr/bin/kotlinc" classpath: "/usr/local/lib/java/somelibrary.jar:/home/user/classdir" compilerOutputDir: "build"

Project specific classpath can be defined in a file called .atom_jvm_classpath

NOTE: The kotlin compiler does not support classpath wildcards
If you define classpaths that have wildcards in them, they will be ignored

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