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Linter Js Standard by Ricardo Barros

Install with:
    apm install linter-js-standard



This plugin for Linter provides an interface for error/warning messages from standard, as well as variations of standard such as semistandard and happiness.



Linter package must be installed in order to use this plugin. If Linter is not installed, please follow the instructions here.

Plugin installation

$ apm install linter-js-standard


Custom parsers currently supported: - esprima - esprima-fb - babel-eslint

Note: If a custom parser is missing from this list please make a PR by adding the missing parser to package.json dependencies.


checkStyleDevDependencies (default: false)

Check code style in package.json devDependencies or dependencies. If a valid style is not found it won’t lint.

Note: This will use the nearest package.json.

honorStyleSettings (default: true)

Honors style settings defined in package.json.

Current style settings supported: - ignore - parser

Note: This will use the nearest package.json.

style (default: standard)

Switch between standard and semistandard styles. If checkStyleDevDependencies is true this setting will be ignored.

showEslintRules (default: false)

Enable/disable showing the id of the offended eslint rules.

Example of messages while showEslintRules is: - true: Extra semicolon. (semi) - false: Extra semicolon.

lintMarkdownFiles (default: false)

Lint markdown fenced code blocks.

Global Variable Support

To have the linter not warn about undeclared variables when using global variables, honorStyleSettings has to be checked/true and a “globals” section has to be added to package.json: "semistandard": { "globals": [ "var1", "var2" ] } OR "standard": { "globals": [ "var1", "var2" ] } Also see



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