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Linter Cnew

Install with:
    apm install linter-cnew


Linter-CNew is an nearly-complete rewrite of hebaishi/linter-gcc. It was originally created to fix an issue in linter-gcc that caused failures with more than one project open at a time. Compared to the original ————————– Features Missing/Incomplete * CMake support is implemented, but untested * Lint-on-the-fly support is unimplemented

Features Added * Per-project/per-file configuration is handled as expected * Configuration is recursively built up starting recursively as follows: 1. /proj/subdir/file.ext.gcc-flags.json 2. /proj/subdir/.gcc-flags.json 3. /proj/.gcc-flags.json 4. Configuration values stored in Atom 5. Bundled defaults

This behavior should be compatible with projects currently using linter-gcc


Keywords: lint, linter, c, c++, gcc, g++, error Suggest keywords
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