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Lint Sass Vue

Install with:
    apm install lint-sass-vue

This linter plugin is a fork of AtomLinter/linter-sass-lint that provides an interface to sass-lint for Vue.js.

It will parse .vue files with style tags and works form Sass or SCSS:



Plugin installation

apm install sass-lint-vue


A .sass-lint.yml config file is required for this linter. You can find an example of one here.

If you already have a .sass-lint.yml file, make sure there is the pattern '**/*.vue' in the include property.

By default this plugin will search up the directory tree for this file, you can also specify a path to this config file in the plugin settings or in ~/.atom/config.cson file. Usually you would place this config file in your projects root and keep it under version control too.

You can use the noConfigDisable option to prevent any attempts at linting (and the missing config error messages you will encounter) if a valid config is not found.

By default a config file found in the root of your currently open project will take preference over a config file specified with the configFile option.


There are three options you can configure either within the plugin or by editing your ~/.atom/config.cson file.

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