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Line Breaker

Install with:
    apm install line-breaker

Line-Breaker Package

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An Atom package for breaking long lines of text at the preferred line length boundary. Able to handle entire documents, commented code, and indented text. See the screenshots below for some examples.



Breaking a long line: Screenshot

Breaking a collection of paragraphs: Screenshot

Breaking variably indented paragraphs Screenshot

Breaking long comments Screenshot

Building a paragraph from incongruous lines: Screenshot


0.4.0 - Paragraph Support

0.3.3 - Windows and Linux Compatibility

0.3.2 - Another Compatibility Hotfix

0.3.1 - Compatibility Hotfix

0.3.0 - Breaking comments

0.1.0 / 0.2.0 - First Release

TODO * Add unit tests

Keywords: line, lines, break, breaks, breaker, length, text, selection, boundaries, boundary, paragraphs, paragraph Suggest keywords
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