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Install with:
    apm install latextools

LaTeXTools for Atom

by Ian Bacher and Marciano Siniscalchi

This is an Atom port of the LaTeXTools package for Sublime Text. It aims to provide a ‘one-stop’ solution for all your TeXing needs.

Currently (v0.8.2, 8/10/2016), the following features are implemented:

Missing functionality to be implemented, roughly in the order I plan to add it:

The package does not provide syntax highlighting. Rather, it is supposed to be used in conjunction with the language-latex package: this must be installed for snippets to work.

Warning: you will see many package settings. The manual ( describes the settings that are actually honored; other settings are place-holders for future functionality.

A final note: there are a couple of other nice LaTeX packages for Atom. Each implements a specific function: compiling / viewing, reference completion, etc. However, the objective of this package is to provide an integrated solution for TeX editing.

Help is welcome!

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