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Install with:
    apm install language-tiddlywikifive


A package for Atom text editor, that provides a bunch of grammars to support wikitext and specific file formats, recognized by TiddlyWiki5, a non-linear web notebook.


This package provides the following grammars:

Name Description
TiddlyWiki5 TW5 wiki markup
TiddlyWiki5 dictionary Data dictionary
TiddlyWiki5 tid file *.tid file format
TiddlyWiki5 meta file *.meta file format
TiddlyWiki5 multids file *.multids file format

Hacks and tips

Automatic grammar detection

There are browser extensions for editing text using external text editors:

In TW5 web GUI you would input plain wikitext without tiddler metadata. As there’s no file extension for wiki markup only, recognized by TW5, using those extensions above would require selecting grammar manually, which is tedious.

Grammars provide two features to assist in solving this problem:

Fake file type extensions

Here’s a list of grammars and fake extensions they apply to:

Name Extensions
TiddlyWiki5 *.tw5

Configure browser extensions to use these file type extensions above, so temporary files they span would be properly recognized.

First line patterns

Provide a set of first line patterns for grammars to match, so the grammar would be detected by content, not by file extension.

Here’s a list of grammars and first line patterns they match:

Name Patterns
TiddlyWiki5 <!--TW5-->



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