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Install with:
    apm install language-pug

language-pug package

As you’ve probably seen, due to time constraints I am not able to be as swift as I wanted in fixing problems with this package. I will be more than happy to accept contributions and help in maintaining this repository.

A Pug (was Jade) syntax highlighting for Atom, derived from jade-tmbundle.


This syntax is meant to be maintained and fixed in all his known bugs, it is used by the Objectway front end team.


Any improvement, suggestion, bugfix is really appreciated.


~~One pesky bug is the one involving comments that are not rendered properly~~

Comment bug has been fixed in v0.0.13, although in an ugly way and needs to be refactored

~~FirstMate issue 38~~

~~Any help in fixing and improving this one is more than welcome!~~

Any help in giving this fix a less ugly face will be greatly appreciated.


$ apm install language-pug


In your config.cson write:

".source.pug": whitespace: removeTrailingWhitespace: false


This package is published under MIT license

Keywords: pug, jade, syntax Suggest keywords
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