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Install with:
    apm install language-mscgen

MscGen language support

Syntax highlighting & snippets for MscGen and two similar sequence chart languages.

If you’re interested in this, another package - mscgen-preview - will definitely make you happy. mscgen-preview includes the language-mscgen highlighting and live-previews the rendered chart.

animated gif demoing syntax highlighting and snippets


Supported grammars

The three languages supported by the mscgen_js library and interpreter: - MscGen (*.mscgen, *.mscin, *.msc)
see - (*.xu)
Adds inline expressions like alt and loop to MscGen. See the Xù wiki page for more information. - MsGenny (*.msgenny)
Xù with a simplified syntax. And a little less features. The MsGenny wiki page has more information.



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