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Install with:
    apm install language-markdown

Markdown grammar

A realistic implementation of various Markdown specifications as a flexible, drop-in alternative for language-gfm. Adds smart context-aware behavior to lists, and keyboard shortcuts for inline emphasis and links/images.

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  1. Install language-markdown via either
    • your terminal: apm install language-markdown
    • the Atom GUI: Atom > Settings > Install > Search for language-markdown
  2. Select language-markdown as your Markdown grammar. Open a Markdown file and
    • press ctrl+shift+L and choose “Markdown”
    • choose “Markdown” from the grammar selection interface in the bottom right-hand corner of the window

To avoid conflicts this package tries to disable the core package language-gfm. If you run into any issue, make sure you’ve selected the correct grammar.

Supported grammars

Additional features

Syntax-theme support

By default, most syntax-themes only provide basic styling for .markup classes. This package provides additional, more specific classes which are supported by the following syntax-themes:

If you are interested in adding support for all .markup classes to your syntax-theme, take a look at the relevant section in the contribution guide.


If you run into any issues, consult the F.A.Q. first. Amongst other things, this document contains information about common issues involving spell-check, autocompletion and syntax-highlighting.


If you want to contribute to this package, have a look at the contribution guide.

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