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Innosetup by Jan T. Sott

Install with:
    apm install language-innosetup

Inno Setup for Atom

apm apm apm Travis David

Atom language support for Inno Setup, including grammar, snippets and build system


Screenshot of Inno Setup in Atom with Hopscotch theme



Install language-innosetup from Atom’s Package Manager or the command-line equivalent:

$ apm install language-innosetup

Using Git

Change to your Atom packages directory:

```bash # Windows $ cd %USERPROFILE%.atom\packages

Linux & macOS

$ cd ~/.atom/packages/ ```

Clone repository as language-innosetup:

bash $ git clone language-innosetup

Package Dependencies

This package automatically installs third-party packages it depends on. You can prevent this by disabling the Manage Dependencies option in the package settings.



As of recently, this package contains a build system to compile Inno Setup scripts. But first, make sure ISCC.exe is in your PATH environmental variable. Alternatively, you can specify its path in your Atom configuration.


cson "language-innosetup": pathToISCC: "full\\path\\to\\ISCC.exe"

Note: If you’re on macOS or Linux and would like to compile scripts with Wine, specify the path to this bash script instead.

To compile your scripts, select Inno Setup: Save & Compile” from the command-palette or use the keyboard shortcut.

Third-party packages

Should you prefer working with an existing third-party build system, the following packages already have support for Inno Setup.


This work is licensed under the The MIT License.

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