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Install with:
    apm install language-haml


HAML language grammar for GitHub’s Atom IDE.


Supported Filetypes

Supported filters

You can switch to another language right in the middle of your HAML file by using a “filter”:


This HAML bundle currently supports the following filters:

The HAML documentation lists the following additional filters:

To add more you can simply copy and paste one of the captures in the ruby haml.cson file and make the changes necessary to support your filter of choice:

cson { 'begin': '^(\\s*)(:css)' 'beginCaptures': '2': 'name': '' 'end': '^(?! *$|\\1 )' 'name': 'source.css.embedded.html' 'patterns': [ { 'include': 'source.css' } ] }

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