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Gamescript by Mike Krasnenkov (

Install with:
    apm install language-gamescript

GameScript support in Atom

Add syntax highlighting snippets, and lints via trainzutil compile to GameScript files in Atom.

GameScript is a scripting language used in Trainz Simulator.



Using apm:

apm install language-gamescript

Or search for gamescript in Atom Settings -> Install Packages.


linter is required for lint feature. To enable you need to specify path to TrainzUtil and scripts folder of your Trainz installation.

You can also specify additional include directories if you are using script-include feature to include scripts from other assets.

By using a package like project-manager you can manage different include paths for different projects, for example: coffeescript "lse-log": title: "lse-log" group: "Trainz" paths: [ "D:\\TrainzDev\\lse-log" ] settings: "language-gamescript.includePath": ["D:\\TrainzDev\\lse\\src", "D:\\TrainzDev\\lse-test\\src"] Now invoking Project Manager: Reload Project Settings command will set the include paths as you specified for this project.

Trainz: A New Era Note

TrainzUtil bundled with TANE currently does not support compile command. You will need prior version of Trainz for lints to work.

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