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Elmx by Patricio Zavolinsky

Install with:
    apm install language-elmx

language-elmx Atom package

Syntax highlighting, auto-completion and lint for the Elm language extended with embedded HTML (elmx).

Note: while this package provides standalone support for elmx files, additional functionality such as auto-completion and linting require additional packages. If these packages are not installed this functionality will be disabled.


  1. apm install language-elmx
  2. Install language-elm - required for auto-completion.
  3. Install linter-elm-make - required for linting and in-place compilation.


The elmx grammar in this package is heavily inspired in the jsx grammar from the react package and the html grammar from the language-html package.

Linting is provided thanks to linter-elm-make, this package just pre-compiles the input .elmx into .elm and then updates the lint results.

Auto-completion is provided thanks to language-elm, this package just proxies the call to adjust file names.

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