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Install with:
    apm install language-csound

Csound for Atom

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This Atom package adds syntax highlighting, snippets, and autocompletion to Csound files. This package is also used by GitHub Linguist to highlight Csound files.

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Open an issue, or fork this project and make a pull request.

Updating the List of Opcode Completions

This package uses the list of opcodes in resources/opcode-completions.json for autocompletion. To update opcode-completions.json:

  1. cd to this package’s resources folder using, for example,

    sh cd ~/.atom/packages/language-csound/resources

  2. Download the source files of The Canonical Csound Reference Manual to a folder named csound using

    sh git clone csound/manual

  3. Follow the instructions at to install the csound-api Node.js Addon.

  4. Install the libxmljs and strip-bom packages using

    sh npm install libxmljs strip-bom

  5. Run the script update-opcode-completions.js using

    sh node update-opcode-completions.js

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