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Install with:
    apm install language-cloudslang


Atom language support for CloudSlang.


Download, Install and Configure Atom

  1. Download and install Atom.
  2. Download and install the CloudSlang language package.

Note: If you are behind a proxy server you may need to configure Atom as described in their package manager documentation.

  1. Restart Atom.
  2. Files saved with the .sl extension will be recognized within Atom as CloudSlang files.

Syntax Highlighting

Files saved with .sl extension will reflect CloudSlang syntax highlighting.



Start typing the snippet name and press tab or enter when it appears on the screen.

The following snippets are provided:

Keyword Description
flow template for a flow file
operation template for an operation file
decision template for a decision file
properties template for a system properties file
java_action template for a Java action
python_action template for a Python action
input template for simple input name and value
input with properties template for an input with all possible properties
output template for an output name and value
output with properties template for an output with all possible properties
result template for a result name and value
publish template for a published variable name and value
import template for an import alias name and namespace
navigate template for a result mapped to a navigation target
step template for a standard step
on_failure template for an on_failure step
for template for an iterative step
parallel_loop template for a step of type parallel loop
property template for a system property
property with properties template for a system property with all possible properties
@input template for input documentation
@description template for file description
@prerequisites template for prerequisite documentation
@output template for output documentation
@result template for result documentation


For troubleshooting Atom issues, see the Atom documentation and discussion board.

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