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Kutt Ndk Debugger

Install with:
    apm install kutt-ndk-debugger

Kutti Ndk Debugger package

This is a visual android ndk debugger for

This is an alpha quality release.

The debugger needs a custom ndk-gdb script with –interpreter=mi2 added to the argument list of gdb

To create the custom script follow these steps: 1. Create a copy of the orinigal script name it ndk-gdb-atom 2. Replace “$GDBCLIENT -x `native_path $GDBSETUP`” line in ndk-gdb-atom file by “$GDBCLIENT -interpreter=mi2 -x `native_path $GDBSETUP`” 3. Add execute permissions for the newly created script eg. chmod +x ndk-gdb-atom

Please mention the path of ndk-gdb-atom and android adb in the package settings.


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