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Install with:
    apm install jumpy


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An Atom package that creates dynamic hotkeys to jump around files and across visible panes.

How to jump

  1. Hit shift + enter
  2. Choose from your presented labels:
  3. Enter two characters.
  4. Keep coding!

Jumpy in Action! - (gif made with


On command line: apm install jumpy


Key Bindings



Jumpy preferences

( Preferences cmd+, ) -> search for ‘jumpy’

Jumpy settings


Jumpy example

(image after settings set to .85 font size, high contrast, and default camel case matching pattern)

Put this override in your ‘Atom’ -> ‘Open Your Keymap’ settings:

    'f': 'jumpy:toggle'

This will bind ‘f’ to toggle Jumpy.

This is not the default because it changes vim’s native behavior. Instead, with Jumpy, after jumping to the nearest word, you can easily word or character jump over to your target. The Vimium chrome extension chose this binding. Please let me know what you think about this binding for Jumpy here!

Jumpy Styles

Note: Styles can be overridden in ‘Atom’ -> ‘Open Your Stylesheet’ (see examples below)

less atom-text-editor { .jumpy-label { // Regular labels background-color: black; color: white; &.high-contrast { // High Contrast labels (activated in settings) background-color: green; } } }

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