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Java Import Wiz

Install with:
    apm install java-import-wiz


Manage your java imports. java-import-wiz works together with java-classpath-registry to find the namespaces to import. While not strictly required (e.g. organizing imports will still work) it’s strongly recommended.

Manual importing

Place the cursor on the class and press ctrlalti. If the class is unambiguous it will automatically be added to the import statements. If multiple possibilities exists, java-import-wiz will let you choose from a list.

Demonstrative manual import

Organizing imports

You can organize imports by pressing ctrlalto.

Demonstrative import organization

There are two settings available to control the behavior of the import organizer.

Sorting in one group will be alphabetical.

Groups themselves will be sorted by the first entry. E.g. [ 'com', 'org' ] will be before [ 'java', 'javax' ] because com is before java.


Works together with autocomplete-java-minus to insert imports after autocompleting. When autocompleting classes they will automatically be added to the import list.

Demonstrative autocomplete import

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