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Instant Build

Install with:
    apm install instant-build


A dead simple and instantly fast way of launching your build system straight from Atom.




apm install instant-build

You can start the build by either searching for “Instant build” in your command panel or via Command-B.


instant-build requires an .atom-build.json file either at the root directory of your project, or in any of it’s parent directories. instant-build will traverse the filesystem upwards until it finds a valid .atom-build.json file.

File format is compatible with that of atom-build, just with less options.

js { // [required] command to execute, it can be either a string or an array "cmd": "command --to execute", // or ["command", "--to", "execute"] // [optional] name of the build system (for future use) "name": "Build system's name", // [optional] if provided arguments here will be appended to the command "args": ["--this=is-optional", "--and=will-be-joined"], // [optional] environment variables to be passed to the command "env": { "VAR1": "1", "VAR2": "2" }, // [optional] shell to execute the command with (default: /bin/sh) "shell": "/bin/sh" }

1 — invokes your build system instantly, actual build time may vary

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