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Impex Aligner

Install with:
    apm install impex-aligner

IMPEX-Aligner package

Atom package

Based off of Freyskeyd’s excellent atom-alignment package (Freyskeyd/atom-alignment)


A semi-colon vertical aligner for hybris IMPEX files.

Select a region of an impex, right click, and select “Align IMPEX”


impex INSERT_UPDATE fooComponent;uid[unique=true];name;content; ;pageName;Other page name stuff;$fooResource/foo1.html ;aDifferentPageName;name of something;$fooResource/foo2.html ;yetAnotherPageName;information;$fooResource/foo3.html # BECOMES THIS impex INSERT_UPDATE fooComponent ; uid[unique=true] ; name ; content ; ; pageName ; Other page name stuff ; $fooResource/foo1.html ; aDifferentPageName ; name of something ; $fooResource/foo2.html ; yetAnotherPageName ; information ; $fooResource/foo3.html

Also I made a GIF of the alignment.

#### (After alignment you can fold the code too!)


MIT © Andre Lerche

MIT © Simon Paitrault

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