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Imdone Atom Harbour by Ernad Husremovic

Install with:
    apm install imdone-atom-harbour

The TODO comment task board

Turn your TODO comments into a task-board and let do your issue tracking so you can stay in the zone.
Just use alt+t while editing a file to see your projects board.

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You live in the code, your tasks should too!

Developers are creative people and the text editor is their canvas. For decades they’ve used TODO style code comments to track issues that almost never end up in issue tracking software. imdone is a plugin for your favorite text editor that turns code comments into trackable issues that you can update from your code. It collects all TODO style comments in your project and organizes them in a drag and drop task-board that integrates with any web based issue tracking system.

imdone works best with todo.txt and markdown syntax. See the syntax guide at imdone-core for details.

Whats new!

And more!


$ apm install imdone-atom or open Atom and go to Preferences > Install and search for imdone-atom


| Command Palette | Key Mapping | Description | |:——————————|:————|:————————-| | Imdone Atom: Tasks | Alt+T | Open task board | | Imdone Atom: Todays Journal | Alt+J | Open todays journal file | | Imdone Atom: Board Zoom In | Alt+. | Zoom in board | | Imdone Atom: Board Zoom Out | Alt+, | Zoom out board |


| Name | Type | Default | Description | |:———————————–|:——–|:————|:———————————————————————————————–| | Exclude Vcs Ignored Paths | boolean | false | Exclude files that are ignored by your version control system | | File Opener Port | integer | 9799 | Port the file opener communicates on | | Max Files Prompt | integer | 2500 | How many files is too many to parse without prompting to add ignores? | | Open in Intellij | string | ‘’ | Glob pattern for files that should open in Intellij. | | Show Notifications | boolean | false | Show notifications upon clicking task source link. | | Show Tags Inline | boolean | false | Display inline tag and context links in task text? | | Today’s Journal Date Format | string | YYYY-MM-DD | How would you like your date variable formatted? | | Today’s Journal Directory | string | $HOME/notes | Where do you want your journal files to live? (Their project directory) | | Today’s Journal File Name Template | string | ${date}.md | How do you want your journal files to be named? | | Today’s Journal Month Format | string | YYYY-MM | How would you like your month variable formatted for use in directory or file name template? | | Use Alternate File Watcher | boolean | false | If your board won’t update when you edit files, then try the alternate file watcher | | Zoom Level | Number | 1 | Set the default zoom level on startup. min: .2, max: 2.5 |

Ignoring files

IMPORTANT: If your project is large (#files > 1000) consider adding an .imdoneignore file.

Using todo.txt metadata in your tasks and a minor change to .imdone/config.json, you can link to external resources like github issues and profiles.

// #BACKLOG:0 issue:27 Export TODOs

Look at imdone/imdone-core#metadata for more info.

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