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Ide Haskell Repl

Install with:
    apm install ide-haskell-repl

IDE-Haskell REPL

This package is in beta.

This package provides a way to interact with ghci (or, more precisely, cabal repl or stack ghci) from Atom.


Repl backend selection

ide-haskell-repl will try to automatically select the correct repl backend (stack/cabal/ghci) based on current builder chosen in ide-haskell-cabal. You can choose none builder to use ghci in plain projects (a.k.a. projects with no *.cabal file).

If ide-haskell-cabal is unavailable (e.g. disabled), ide-haskell-repl will fall back to defaultRepl specified in settings.

Using on Windows

On Windows, interrupting ghci will kill it. There is no good solution to this problem at the moment, but there is a “bad” solution.

You need to get ghci-wrapper.exe executable from (or if you don’t trust random binaries you’ve downloaded from the Internet, you can build it from source – you only really need ghc for that)

Then you need to specify full path to this executable in ghciWrapperPath setting of this package.

For example, if you placed ghci-wrapper.exe in C:\Downloads directory, you need to put C:\Downloads\ghci-wrapper.exe in ghciWrapperPath setting.

Finally, restart any open REPL sessions.

Repl-specific commands

To send command, or move through history, you can use the following commands when focused on repl command editor:

Note that this commands are bound specifically to repl editor, which has CSS selector of atom-text-editor.ide-haskell-repl.

You can rebind those in your keymap, e.g.

"atom-text-editor.ide-haskell-repl": 'ctrl-enter': 'ide-haskell-repl:exec-command' 'ctrl-up': 'ide-haskell-repl:history-back' 'ctrl-down': 'ide-haskell-repl:history-forward'

Just don’t forget to disable default bindings in ide-haskell-repl settings, if you don’t want them.


Copyright © 2015 Atom-Haskell.

See for details.


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