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Ide Csound

Install with:
    apm install ide-csound

Csound IDE for Atom

This Atom package adds commands for

  1. running Csound and displaying Csound output; and
  2. displaying descriptions of opcodes from Csound’s manual.


Before you install this package, you’ll need Boost and Csound.


The easiest way to install Boost is probably through Homebrew. To install Homebrew, follow the instructions at Then, run brew install boost in a Terminal.

If you aren’t able to build Csound from its source code, the most reliable way to install Csound is probably to run an installer in a disk image you can download from SourceForge. (While Csound has a tap on Homebrew, it does not install a necessary framework; this is a known issue.) When you double-click the installer in the disk image, OS X may block the installer from running because it’s from an unidentified developer. To run the installer after this happens, open System Preferences, choose Security & Privacy, and click Open Anyway in the bottom half of the window.

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