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Hyrule Atom by AuthorOfTheSurf

Install with:
    apm install hyrule-atom

Hyrule [for Github Atom]

Hyrule from SublimeText ported to Atom.

A pair dynamic greens along with a soothing orange, and an addictive yellow make up the main palette of Hyrule. Well-chosen background and primary text colors leave a developer’s eyes fit for another day of study. Works very well in Java, Go, JavaScript, and HTML.

Some colors have been remaped to be more similar to the 2014 version of Hyrule as I remember it. Hyrule was so good that I immediately adopted it for the Java and Handlebars work I was doing at the time.

Installing from Github

This theme has yet to be published officially as it still needs work on some popular languages. In the meantime, you can install Hyrule from Github easily for development use.

  1. Clone this repo:

    $ git clone

  2. Hop into the directory

    $ cd hyrule-atom/

  3. Run apm link to add the package to your Atom install’s packages directory. This is how you install local/cloned packages/themes in general.

    $ apm link ~/.atom/packages/hyrule-atom -> ~/Development/themes/hyrule-atom

  4. Open up Atom in dev mode just to be sure that it reads ~/.atom/packages. Should work without this.

    $ cd your_project $ atom -d .

  5. Press cmd + , to open up the settings menu. Click “Themes”, then find Hyrule in “Syntax Theme”. All done!

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