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Haskell Debug by Thomas Hickman

Install with:
    apm install haskell-debug


Implements a graphical haskell debugger in atom, using ghci.

main screenshot



  1. Install language-haskell and ide-haskell apm install language-haskell ide-haskell
  2. Install this package apm install haskell-debug

How to use

### Setting breakpoints

In a haskell source file, click on a line number to set a breakpoint for that line.


To debug the main function of a file, press cmd-shift-p (Mac) or ctrl-shift-p (Linux/Windows) to launch the command palette, type in haskell debug and press enter.


To break on exceptions, launch the command palette, type in set break on exception, press enter and select the appropriate option. Note: breaking on exception may cause the debugger to freeze in some instances. See #3.

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