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Grunt Runner by Oskar Risberg

Install with:
    apm install grunt-runner


Build your project using Grunt from Atom.

in action!

How to use

  1. Open a project with a Gruntfile in the project root.
  2. Open the task list (ctrl-alt-g) and choose a task to run, or input a new one.
  3. The output from the grunt task will be shown in bottom toolbar. Toggle the log with ctrl-alt-t, toggle the entire toolbar with ctrl-alt-shift-t. The toolbar will appear automatically if Grunt Runner was able to find and parse a Gruntfile, otherwise you can toggle it on yourself.
  4. If your task doesn’t end automatically (e.g. watches files for changes) you can force it stop from the toolbar or by pressing ctrl-alt-shift-g.


  1. By default this package will try to use the the grunt module in your [projectDir]/node_modules directory. If for some reason that doesn’t work, you can choose a path to look for the grunt module in by going to the settings. (e.g. /usr/bin or ~/path-to-global/node_modules)
  2. For OS X Yosemite (and higher?) PATH error see this article
  3. If your project has more than one Gruntfile.js or Gruntfile.js is not located in a project root folder then you can use the Gruntfile Paths setting. The order matters: first valid Gruntfile found will be used.
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