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Git Projects

Install with:
    apm install git-projects

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Git projects

Git projects is a package for Atom, which allows you to quickly list and open your local git repositories.

Git projects

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Simply run the following command: sh apm install git-projects

Or find the package in AtomSettingsInstall and search for “git-projects


Press ctrl + alt + o or type Git Projects: Toggle in the Command Palette to open project in a new window.

Press ctrl + alt + shift + o or type Git Projects: Toggle Add in the Command Palette to add project to current window.


Key Default value Possible values
rootPath ~/repos One or more directories containing projects, sep. by ;
ignoredPath One or more directories containing projects, sep. by ;
ignoredPatterns node_modules;.git One or more patterns to ignore, sep. by ;
sortBy "Project name" "Project name", "Last modification date", "Size"
openInDevMode false true, false
showGitInfo true true, false
maxDepth 5 Max number of directories to traverse from root

Project-specific configuration

Git projects will read the content of any .git-project file located at the root of your Git repository (project). You can set a custom title for any project that will be shown in the list view. Here is an example: json { "title": "Project Title" }

If you don’t want a project to be listed, add a .git-project file at its root with the following content: json { "ignored": true }

The project icon can also be customized. json { "title": "Custom icon", "icon": "icon-file-text" }

Known issues


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