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Gfm Pdf by Torsten Sprenger (

Install with:
    apm install gfm-pdf


Export GFM (GitHub Flavored Markdown) documents to PDF using wkhtmltopdf. The package is intended to generate a high-quality and professional GitHub flavored PDF (or HTML page), whose content is copyable and where links are clickable, i.e. where pages are not only images.


In order to use gfm-pdf you need to install wkhtmltopdf to your system. For further information look at

Plugin Installation

sh $ apm install gfm-pdf


You configure gfm-pdf by editing ~/.atom/config.cson

coffee 'gfm-pdf': 'executablePath': '/usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf' 'styleFontSize': '12px' 'styleWidth': '520px' 'type': 'PDF'

You need to provide the path to your wkhtmltopdf binary under executablePath as above. The available types of output are PDF, PDF+HTML or HTML.

Note: For further CSS modifications you can edit your stylesheet ~/.atom/styles.less; the corresponding wrapper class is called gfm-pdf, e.g.

css .gfm-pdf h1 { color: red; }


Open a markdown document and convert it using the gfm-pdf:convert command. The generated document(s) will be saved in the same directory as the input file.

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