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Install with:
    apm install geneus-ui

Geneus UI theme

Geneus is an adaptable UI theme for Atom, based on Nucleus code, which uses your favorite syntax coloring at its core! This gives the UI a coherent feel, with whatever syntax theme you like to use. But Geneus also adds a configurable Focus Mode based on the one present in the Genesis theme



This is a fork of the Immersive Nuclues Dark UI, with some changes with code taken from Genesis UI.

All code belongs to their respective owner, I just combined them in a useful theme


Inside atom go to settings, select Install and search for Geneus.

Or install directly from the console:

apm install geneus-ui

About the Original Theme

You can always find: * The original nucleus-dark-ui in here * The immersive-nucleus-dark-ui in here * The Focus Mode in genesis-ui in here

Keywords: immersive, dark, adaptive, ui, focus, genesis, nucleus Suggest keywords
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